A Concept of True Design

Affresco is a concept of true design, signed by Beppe Riboli, a major name in the interior design of public places of entertainment, in collaboration with his students Francesca Rinaldi and Simona Di Paolo from NABA ( New Arts Academy, Milan ). This is clearly evident from many aspects, from the impact of the overall project, from the details, from feeling like you are actually inside an art gallery. The lines are soft and sweeping. The showcase is refined and unique. And the work of art is your gelato.


Italy, Country of Art and Gelato

Affresco is a unique blend in itself, starting with its name, the Italian word for fresco, the ancient painting technique. Affresco is a concept in which design, the culture of communication, technology, food science and the art of Italian gelato-making come together in one harmonious combination.


A Complete Furniture System

Affresco is a complete furniture system. High-end design at competitive prices and promptly available, thanks to the industrialization component studied in every detail. Developed by putting together different skills ranging from flexible, customizable furniture, to technology and accessories.


Designed to Celebrate Your Art

Affresco is a concept of furniture and design that makes an impression. Affresco draws the attention of the public while highlighting the best features of your homemade product.
You are the real artist in Affresco, as shown by your name on the sign. Your name is the master’s signature on unique, original creations.


Services to Make Your Business Grow

As well as providing a complete furniture system and cutting-edge design, Affresco offers a variety of services. Affresco was created to support your business with technical, commercial and marketing services, such as certified training, a Recipe Book prepared by a master gelato-maker, uniforms and gadgets, communication, technical assistance. You with your art and Affresco with the winning power of an innovative project studied in every detail.


Affresco is not a franchise

Affresco is based on respect for the personal artistry of the artisan gelato maker, who maintains total freedom of choice in terms of ingredients and specialised equipment.
Therefore, Affresco is NOT a FRANCHISE and does not impose restrictions of any kind: NO entry fee, NO periodic royalty fees, NO rigid contracts, NO defined commercial policies, NO false promises, NO contractual duration.

















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