Another Masterpiece: Tonda, the First Rotating Gelato Display case

Affresco is an art gallery full of masterpieces. To begin with, the gelato you make yourself. The design. And Tonda, the first round and rotating gelato display case, a perfect synthesis between the exhibiting capacity of traditional display case and the preserving capacity of tub counters. Tonda turns around for you: you don’t have to search the display for the flavour you want — Tonda brings it right in front of you. An ergonomic revolution that makes your work easier, and an aesthetic revolution too: the gelato tubs, arranged in a radial pattern, are rotated continuously, forming a joyful, multi-coloured daisy.
Tonda is equipped with advanced technology, providing uniform temperature, full visibility, ideal storage conditions and low-cost operation. Tonda is also a winner in design: in 2008 the International Jury of the XXI ADI Compasso d’Oro awarded Tonda a Compasso d’Oro mention, inducting the display case in the ADI Compasso d’Oro Historical Collection. Tonda, a gelato display d’auteur: worthily symbolized by the visual signs “Cloud” and “Palette”, created by the late master of graphic arts, Michele Provinciali, recipient of an ADI Compasso d’Oro career award in 2008. A further prestigious acknowledgement came in 2009, when Tonda was included in the Farnesina Design Collection created by Foreign Affairs Minister Franco Frattini to highlight the products of Italian design that have met with international success.

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